Because she is a Mother...

"I surely KNOW there is no role in life more essential or more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood". -Elder Russell M. Ballard  

On this beautiful Mother's Day Sunday, I wanted to share a talk (below) that has resonated and touched my heart so deeply that was written by Jeffery R. Holland. After watching this beautiful talk,I was reminded how inspired men of God are and that my Savior is SO aware of me. Aware of you. Aware of Mothers. I will forever be grateful for being given the opportunity to have my own babies and be able to raise and love them. I know through my own experiences, motherhood is truly where I truly found my purpose . I love this calling. I love my children and family and am so blessed everyday to wake up hearing my babies call my name. Mom.

So blessed today to be able to celebrate the incredible women in my life! My mother, Danielle, my grandma, Denise and my mother in law, Louise. I love these women and am inspired by each of their strengths. Each of them have l helped me more times than I can count and i know I'm super lucky to have such good relationships with them.Heres a little thought of each of them on this special day .

My Mom: When you meet my mother , Danielle your immediately attracted to her energy and love for life. She has spent her life dedicated to serving and uplifting others. I can remember so many times i've seen her helping a family member, writing a card or sending flowers to someone on a hard day . I often have people tell me the ways my mom has served and helped them.She is the most selfless woman I've ever known and lives a life of purpose and love. One thing Benj and I both LOVE about my Mom is her love for the simple details in life. She is my best friend and someone I can tell EVERYTHING to (so refreshing), supports me ,lifts me and loves me unconditionally. I can't even begin to describe how i lucked out with a woman like Danielle for my Mom. She is sincerely everything I hope to be. There is NO one like her.

Grandma Denise: Where do you even begin with someone like my Grandma Denise?! If you meet her not only is she elegant and refined,  but she is vivacious and magnetic. She is 80 years old and is the healthiest woman on this planet. She is as active as a human can be ,and when i am around her -well when anyone is around her , they can't keep up . She travels the world to climb famous mountains which she trains for. She is still an avid skier and loves it. She appreciates nature like no one I've ever met, and everytime I'm with her, I learn learn learn. My Grandma has an amazing life story thatshould be in a book. It's beautiful .She's faced many trials and hardships in her life, but has always turned to the Lord and trusted in him. She's also always looked for her blessings and all the good she's been given and lived a full and very happy life. The words I would use to describe her is inspiring , intelligent and STRONG.

Louise: I lucked out in the Mother- in- Law departed with this one. Truly, I think there are always dynamics and learning curves to adjust to when you come into a new family. Since my in-laws come from another country there were tiny cultural differences once in a blue moon but honestly from beginning i don't think there have ever been much of an issue or shock-- Mainly because of my mother in law. Louise is a woman who has literally dedicated her life to her family. She loves her children and she and my father-in- law have worked their whole life to provide and give there kids opportunity and choice. I was talking to my husband the other day saying " I don't think your Mom realizes how strong she is. Think about everything she has done and given up for you and your family. NO whimp could do that, Only a strong woman." And that is Louise. So strong she doesn't really even know it . She's selfless and giving. My favorite thing in growing my relationship with her is our ability to laugh and have fun. From the begining Benj said his favorite things about his mom is her easy going personality and her ability to forgive so easily. Ive seen in the last 6 years how true those statements are and they are things Ive grown to love and admire about her as well.


Hope you all have an incredible Mother's Day and you tell someone who has inspired and loved you, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Special thanks to Tai Pan and Crystal Stewart for my Mommy day pics! 




A #MOMent to remember

Click the Link below to check out Janes #MOMent. They have great articles, tips , tricks every mom can relate to! We had such a fun opportunity working with such an awesome and creative company. Getting this video back was such a treat for me and is a #MOMent ill truly cherish. I honestly believe being a Mom is one of the greatest titles I can be and being able to wake up to my children's faces , smelly diapers, laughs ,cries, … you name it …serving and loving my kids is what fills my day and heart with joy.